About Us

8Figure Government Contracting is the premier resource for entrepreneurs interested in government contracting. We believe that the best way to help entrepreneurs overcome business challenges is by providing consultation, education, and training. This is why we offer a full suite of services to help you succeed in this industry.

Our team of experts has worked with all types of businesses, from small, local companies to large international corporations. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your company's goals are met, and help you reach your full potential as an entrepreneur.

We are here to teach you how to overcome your business challenges, but we also want to help you learn how to create growth opportunities and build a successful company that's capable of bringing value back into the community.


Learn how to navigate the government contracting terrain. Let us help you demystify the process and jump-start your government contracting journey.


Harness the techniques, techniques, and tips which have been refined over my twenty-six (26+) year journey. Avoid the mistakes that I made and propel forward. 


With a solid plan in place, take action and realize your goals. We will be right here to coach and mentor you along the way. We want to see you win too. 

My Story

I always knew I wanted to go far in life, so I worked hard. After graduation, I thought my future was guaranteed success. However, I quickly reached a financial plateau while working as an engineer for the Department of Defense. I began to wonder if life had more to offer than working and sleeping. I desperately wanted to escape the rat race.

At times, I felt frustrated and helpless, but I knew the importance of working hard. A mentor arrived in my life in 2008, my mentor began to teach me how he built a multi-million dollar business with a high school education after exiting the Navy. I dove into government contracting head-first and developed  a system that allowed me to position our firm within the market, find contract opportunities, and secure contract opportunities. Now I empower others on their journey to entrepreneurship through government contracting.

"I was scared, but Curtis gave me the confidence and guidance needed to successfully transition from a program manager to CEO of my own firm."

- Shalya

"Curtis showed me how to retire from my 9-5 and become a government contractor as a cosmetologist. "

- Kinah

"Curtis has forgotten more about government contracting than most have learned. Thank you, Curtis!"

- Joseph

Why I Do It

Government Contracting changed my life, and it can change yours too. While working as an engineer for the federal government, I met someone who inspired me to step outside my comfort and reach for what I thought was impossible at the time. 

Today, I recognize that entrepreneurship is a calling and I believe one of my purposes is to teach others how I found success in business.  In 2020, I was named a game changer by the White House Policy Advisor for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, but I want to share business secrets with you. So, I have made it my mission to educate as many people as possible to utilize government contracting to create wealth for themselves and their families while solving the most complex challenges within the federal marketplace.


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