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The Essential Guide to Recruiting for Government Contracts

government contracting Feb 01, 2024

For government contracting entrepreneurs, acquiring the right talent for your projects is as crucial as securing the contract. Dr. Curtis Merriweather Jr., or Dr. Curt as he prefers, brings over 27+ years of experience, sharing his insights on recruiting employees for government contracts. In this blog, we distill his approach into actionable and practical steps to enhance your recruitment processes effectively.

Understanding the Importance of a Robust Recruitment Strategy

The mantra 'fire slowly and fire quickly' underpins Dr. Curt's philosophy. A stellar resume does not always equate to a stellar candidate. Aligning a potential employee's capabilities with their resume is the first checkpoint in the recruitment process. It's essential to assess fit, availability, and affordability before moving forward, as a single misfit can disrupt your team.

Channeling Entrepreneurial Education

This blog serves as a beacon for entrepreneurs, aiming to flatten the learning curve and demystify business processes, particularly in government contracting. He combines his extensive experience and advanced education, including a Ph.D. in Management, an MBA, and a Master of Science in Project Management, to provide both theoretical and practical frameworks for success.

Recruitment Process: A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Job Description Crafting: The initial step is creating a detailed job description that outlines 'The Who, What, Where, Why, and How' of the role. This clarity helps candidates self-assess their suitability for the position.

2. Advertising the Position: Use free and paid tools to advertise your job description. LinkedIn, your website's referral programs and career pages are excellent starting points for casting a wide net.

3. Resume Capture: Establish a system, preferably digital, to collect and store resumes efficiently. Critical details such as name, contact information, employment availability, and security clearance levels should be highlighted.

4. Candidate and Job Description Alignment: Match the captured resumes with the job description to identify the best fit and rank the candidates accordingly.

5. Initial Contact and Screening: Reach out to potential candidates to confirm the details on their resume and assess their genuine fit for the role, availability, and salary expectations.

6. Interviewing: Conduct in-depth interviews with technical subject matter experts and HR to ensure candidates possess the necessary skills and are a cultural fit for your organization.

7. Offer Negotiation: Be prepared to negotiate offers, keeping in mind that employees are motivated by various factors, not just salary.

8. Onboarding: Once a candidate accepts the offer, establish a start date and begin onboarding, ensuring all legal and organizational requirements are met.

Throughout these steps, Dr. Curt highlights the importance of not compromising on the quality of hires to fill a role hastily. Ensuring cultural fit and alignment with the company’s ethos is paramount.

What You Need To Know:
- Recruitment is a critical part of government contracting success.
- A thorough job description and effective advertising are crucial for attracting the right candidates.
- Cultural fit is as important as technical skills when selecting candidates.

What You Need To Do:
- Invest time in creating detailed job descriptions and robust recruitment processes.
- Utilize a mix of free and paid advertising resources to reach a broad audience.
- Prioritize cultural fit and long-term value over immediate availability when hiring.

Consider the 8-Figure Government Contracting (GovCon) 5X Bundle Program Dr. Curt offers to solidify your government contracting endeavors and dive deeper into these strategies. This comprehensive coaching program will equip you with the necessary tools and knowledge to elevate your business and ensure you’re well on your way to securing and successfully staffing your government contracts. Visit for more information and to begin transforming your recruitment process today.


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